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Knit Christmas Balls

This is an easy 14-motif pattern that can be knit on either 24 stitch or electronic machines. This knit cover fits on a 3 inch plastic Christmas ball.

7.00 pattern. Disk in Brother 940 or DAK on floppy disks or a CD.


Sweater Ornaments

Pick your favorite school and use its letters and colors to knit lapel pins, bottle toppers, or Christmas tree ornaments. The pattern includes directions for standard and bulky sized machines (these can also be made on a PASSAP in single bed fairisle). Included are 9 motifs that are small enough to fit on the sweater fronts. These are great sellers at arts and crafts shows. Use your scrap yarn and be creative!!!

5.00 pattern


Christmas Stockings

There are three sizes of Christmas stockings in this pattern for both standard and bulky machines. Fourteen 24 stitch motifs and two alphabets to hand select (14 row and 5 row heights) are also included. The motifs are available on disk in Brother 940 and IBM. You can easily personalize stockings for an entire family. These are good selling items at craft shows and boutiques.

10.00 pattern. Disk in Brother 940 or DAK

5.00 pattern only


Lace Angels

This three-Angel tuck lace pattern by Dianna Booth was written for Brother / Studio and can be done on PASSAP in single bed tuck. Polyester stuffing is in the heads. A crocheted metallic halo and "clasped" hands are optional. Angels can be knit quickly using lightweight dress yarn.




Christmas Afghan

There are two Christmas Afghan sizes in this pattern, determined by your choice of yarns. A wall hanging version is about 30" square, and an afghan is about 48" square. These are good selling items at craft shows and boutiques.

10.00 pattern. Disk in Brother 940 or DAK


Christmas Table Runner

This pattern can be used to make a table runner or a wall hanging. There are two different versions: the table runner reverses the motifs in the center so that diners at each end of the table see a right side up design; and the wall hanging (a bonus pattern, not shown) has all the motifs facing the same direction. They are written for both Brother and PASSAP machines in double bed tuck jacquard. The model shown was knit using 2 strands of 14/2 cotton so it could be used on a table with hot dishes. Includes a Wall Hanging bonus pattern.

10.00 pattern. Disk in Brother 940 or DAK


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