Landscape Project

This phase of the landscaping project has to do with determining which plants should be replaced, and if so, what the replacement plants should be. Other phases may include irrigation system research, removal of dead or dying plants, and maintenance of newly-planted foliage. 

There will be pictures of the plants that surround each building as they are created. There will also be pictures of the inside of the Building A fence. It is not yet known whether we can plant on the other side of the fence, close to the bike path.

The panorama pictures are not pretty, but they do include the entire building, one stairwell at a time.

As time allows, close-ups of the individual foliage will be added.

You can right-click on the image and open it in a new window to view it with the magnification tool.


Building A

Building B


Many of these plants are already growing on the property, so we know that they are sustainable if given the proper care when transplanted.  When you answer the survey on the Condominium Association Web page, make sure you mention the plants for your stairwell by name. If your plants come in various colors or specific varieties (like the Friendship Rose, not shown here), please include that information also. Click this link to see the plants.