MMORP Gaming with Browsers

Just as food for thought: this is where gameplaying is going. This game has been realized already. It's a real company, and they've created an online game that you can play over a browser. The interesting thing about this is that it seems to be interactive through a browser.

This implies that it's not just written in C++; some online games are written in Java. The online environment means the company is making sure that you have an email id, and the right hardware requirements so that you can play in the browser that you have, or play over the Internet with friends who have similar browsers.

It is worth your while to see what graphics can be run in a browser. These graphics do not require a special platform, because they have standardized around browser capabiliities.

In some instances, these are still personal computer games, either for IBM-compatible or Apple computers. Eventually, the developer may release several editions of the same game, one for each type of hardware:

This doesn’t even approach the idea of mobile computing. For now, let’s just look at the development process, and worry about multiple browsers or multiple platforms later.

When the character moves forward, the view of the land changes. This is different from making the character step over a 2½-D map. Moving the land is common for first-person games that allow the viewpoint to spin the land to change perspective.

We can't quite use the 3-D viewpoint in Project Fun, but there are other tools that allow you to do that. We will talk more about tools that allow developers to create characters and cities or landscapes. We will also talk about highlights, shadows, in addition to missions and goals.