Classes in 3-D Development

DigiPen has some 3-D classes in the summer. I don't know how long the summer workshops run. Classes would give you more than just the basics, but probably not the full engine, similar to Unity or Unreal. However, they do provide an understanding of the following concepts:

I think a class in 3-D Videogaming could be really, really exciting, especially if the outcome is a game that you can complete that looks good.

That is why we're here, and we still have a ways to go but in the meantime we've learned more than just the basics.

Looking back at 3-D modeling, there's a couple of topics that are in your textbooks that will help you understand what it means to make a movie like this. We will start with a 2-D panorama and then explore the 2½-D game before we talk about all the processes that are used to create 3-D games.